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Hi, I'm Yvonne - leave me a message.

We do not respond to all job applications and model inquires may take a month to schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

At Butter, we take pride in selecting each of our items with care and consideration. We look for pieces that are in good condition, stylish, rare, and practical. Finding the right pieces takes time, and our goal is to find new homes for our items where they will be loved and worn for years to come. We are not a consignment shop, but we do occasionally purchase items from large estate sales or vintage collections through private appointments. If you have a large collection or estate sale items and are interested in setting up a private appointment to sell to us, please use this form!

Use the forms below to apply as a sales associate or our student internship. Model Release Form is for any model currently booked. The next internship opportunity is Summer 2023!

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